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Build a winning data strategy for your construction business

Asia Pacific

Did you know, bad data has cost the construction industry over US$88 billion in rework globally? The quality of every decision in construction projects depends on data – timely access and sharing of accurate, complete information. Autodesk Construction Solutions, along with FMI, has surveyed over 500 construction professionals across Asia Pacific to understand their challenges in using data, and identify the biggest opportunities for the future. In this webinar, we will share the survey results and how you can unlock more business value from data management best practices.

Ravi Krishnaswamy, SVP of Industrial Practice at Frost & Sullivan APAC and Sumit Oberoi, Autodesk’s APAC industry strategist, will discuss:

  • Research findings on data management and digitalisation in the APAC construction industry.

  • Future trends and emerging opportunities shaping the direction of construction.

  • 5 steps to implement a robust data strategy and make more data-driven decisions.

  • Real-world examples of how construction firms achieved greater business results with improved data management.


Ravi Krishnaswamy

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Frost&Sullivan

Sumit Oberoi

APAC Industry Strategy Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions