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Transforming Workflows: Brinkman Construction Connects Accounting & Operations with Agave

It’s time to meet the needs of each stakeholder and unite the office and the field through integration! The advantages to connecting accounting and operations systems are clear: error reduction, time savings, improved decision-making, and better cost control. But how do you choose the right software? And what does the path to integration look like? Join industry experts Tim Kelleher from Brinkman Construction, Samantha Zhang from Agave, and Josh Cheney from Autodesk as they share Brinkman’s success story of transforming project and cost management workflows by integrating Autodesk Build with CMiC financials. Key learnings: Uncover the tangible benefits of integrating accounting and operations systems See the Autodesk Build < Agave > CMiC financials integration in action. Gain insights into best practices to get integration ready