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Prevent downstream headaches with better clash and change management

Over the last several years we’ve seen a major shift in the ways teams work together. With greater pressure to deliver positive project outcomes, many organizations are moving towards integrated or lean methods for project delivery. In fact, design-build projects are completed 102% faster than traditional design-bid-build methods, giving teams the incentive to adapt their processes and update their technology use.

But technology adoption isn’t enough. Teams need to be trained on these updated methods and partnering organizations need to "buy-in" to new technology use. Which is why it is so important to find technologies that fit the entire project team, from the architect to the BIM expert.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to get ahead of downstream problems with simple design change and clash detection tools that will take your project to the next level of speed, collaboration, and quality. Stop managing problems, prevent them before they happen, with Autodesk BIM Collaborate.