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Maintain a real-time view of the construction project budget.

Control the budget in real time and improve tracking of owner payments, and with a centralised, configurable platform.

Customise the budget to meet your needs.

Construct customised budget structures that work with any accounting systems and work breakdown structures. Rearrange, rename or create customised calculations within budget columns to show the most critical budget information.


Create the main contract and define the SOV.

Easily create the main contract(s) from the budget and configure it to comply with owner and company requirements. Automatically generate and define the schedule of values, establish owner payment terms and create the connections between the main contract and supplier contracts.


Streamline payment applications to the owner.

Provide all critical documentation to streamline the owner payment application process. Quickly collate all supplier payment applications, expenses and backup sheets to provide the foundation and ensure complete owner payment.


Enhance collaboration with owners.

Speed up workflows and enhance collaboration with owners by bringing them into the platform. Control the permissions and provide owners with the ability to view, approve or reject payment applications and accept or reject change orders.


Drive insights through cost analytics.

Enhance your views of construction cost data to better leverage the data. Create saved views and improve cost forecasting by tracking actuals and leveraging customised columns to more accurately project cost to complete, final cost and variance.

See Budget in action.


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