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Connect the jobsite and the office with photos and videos.

Capture what happens on the jobsite and tag your construction photos to provide better context. Use the gallery to quickly find information and generate photo reports.

Leverage the photo gallery to store all photos, videos and 360 images in one place. Use the map view and the detailed filtering to find the visual information you’re looking for.


Share more information by adding photos.

Attach photos and videos to forms, issues, RFIs and submittals. Capture what’s happening in the field to provide more information for team members who can’t be present onsite.


Find a photo’s context with one click.

Click a jobsite image in the gallery to see its context. Find out straightaway if there’s an issue, form, asset, sheet or RFI connected to it and click them to see more details.


Add customised tags to your photos.

Create the photo tags you want to use on your construction project. Add the relevant tags to images so team members understand a photo’s context straight away. Filter in the gallery by tags to save time.


Create and share photo reports.

Generate reports of your photos, videos and 360 images to share with others even outside of the project. Filter for a specific time range or photo type to quickly find the images you want in your report.


See Photos in action.

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