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Rhumbix Integration

Rhumbix modernizes construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field and improving how they measure and manage labor productivity. Our Field Intelligence Platform™ is a cloud-based mobile workforce management solution and digitizes data from previously paper-based workflows.
Works with:BIM 360 Cost Management,
The Integration

For General Contractors who are looking for a better way to manage Time and Materials tags, BIM 360 and Rhumbix T&M Tracking provide a faster, simpler way to report, document and track T&M tags. Leverage data from BIM 360 to provide increased visibility and transparency.

Rhumbix Time & Material Tracking provides a cloud-based paperless solution for reporting, tracking, and approving out of scope work.


  • Leverage existing BIM 360 project data to quickly and easily create new Time & Material tags.
  • Pull in supporting documents and images from BIM 360 to clearly document work.
  • Share T&M tags and provide increased visibility and transparency between contractors


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Sprig Electric reduced timekeeping and payroll processing by 360 hours, saving $36K per week With a field of nearly 600 team members, Sprig’s 180 project foremen gathered paper timecards and manually entered the information into an excel spreadsheet. The manual process was quickly becoming a costly, time-wasting, administrative nightmare.


It's about the service. The team is really responsive plus they do a great job keeping us up-to-date.

- Aimee Wren - St. Andrews Construction