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Find reliable partners for every job on the Builders Network.

Streamline tender management from start to finish. Access over 1,000,000 construction professionals on our network, simplify tender workflows and manage subcontractor risk in real time.

Identify the best builders for the right project.

Collaboratively manage the tendering process to choose the best tenderer in BuildingConnected Pro. Maintain accurate vendor info, review proposals and collaborate at scale.

Find the best builders for the right project with BuildingConnected Pro.

Qualify subcontractors and manage project risk.

Improve subcontractor qualification and analysis, mitigate risk sooner with automated recommendations and integrate centralised risk workflows with tender management processes using TradeTapp.

Mitigate risk sooner with subcontractor qualification and analysis during tendering.

Unite tender and collaboration tools for subcontractors.

Track tender invites, projects, who’s working on what and due dates across the entire office – all from Tenders Pro. Prepare more accurate tenders with an integrated 2D takeoff tool.

Keep track of tender invites, site visits, due dates and more with online tenders for subcontractors.

Discover how BuildingConnected can improve your project planning.

Learn more about BuildingConnected’s tender management capabilities.

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Qualify Subcontractors

Choose the most qualified subcontractors for the job with integrated risk analysis with TradeTapp.

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Customised Tender Forms

Create customised tender forms to go out with your ITB and add scope-specific line items for the subcontractor to fill in.

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Compare Tenders

Compare tenders side by side in a like-for-like fashion and choose the best subcontractor for every project.

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Tender Analytics

Get unparalleled insights across your company with our detailed performance metrics and historical cost tracking.

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"The platform completely revolutionised our access to trade contractors. It opened doors to partnerships that, as a start-up, we might not have discovered otherwise."

- James Duncan, President, RITESTART

Build your business with BuildingConnected.


Increase in tenders with BC Pro

Traylor Bros.


increased win rate with Bid Board Pro

Bowman Flooring Contractor


Repeat business by managing subcontractor risk with TradeTapp



Increase in tender submittals with Bid Board Pro

Sorella Group

How RITESTART Became a Top Growing Company in Canada

BuildingConnected established relationships with more than 700 trusted trades to grow RITESTART’s business by 25–30% year over year.

The Top 10 Tips to Help Your Company Win More Tenders

Winning work is crucial to building a thriving construction business – but that doesn't mean subcontractors should tender on every job that comes their way.

How Ryan Companies uses BC to Improve Preconstruction

Here’s a look at how BuildingConnected helps Ryan Companies improve their preconstruction processes, achieve more consistency across offices and save much-needed time every day.